Jan.24.19 Light and Life in Port Credit Jan 24

Jan.24.19 Light and Life in Port Credit Jan 24

The Studio Paint Bar

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Come and be one of the first to paint one of our most exciting and collaborative paintings ever!

Beginners Welcome!

The Studio has a lot of favourite artists. Since inception, we've been collecting artists we have been wanting to collaborate with in our instagram for years.

@idris.yyz or Idris- is one such local artist extraordinaire. One of the first local photographer feeds we tapped into- we totally became HUGE FANS of his lens for his city. He captures Mississauga in a way that makes it sexy, unique, awe-inspiring and also loveable. All the bling of the Marilyn Monroe towers, all the lights that brighten the scenes we so often just pass by and forget to stop and look at- he slows them down for us with his composition and photo-editing.

And thus, we were totally inspired to paint a scene from his exquisite instagram feed.  Having work featured in most notably Insauga and various other blogs and publications, we wanted to expose his talent in a new way. By making you all slow down and appreciate the lighting he captures, the small details and the amazing scene while you learn to paint, we feel you will enjoy being totally immersed in his work.


What better than choosing his take on our iconic lighthouse in Port Credit.  Painted by our Master Artist Aisling, we have an easy to render, beautiful painting to adorn your walls that will remind you of your night in our beautiful PC Village.


Paint Party Details:
You will learn:

  • basic beginner’s instructions to using acrylic paints
  • how to mix colours 
  • how to paint party like you’ve never paint partied before


You will walk away with:

  • a canvas full of your art to cherish and show off
  • new friends who have gone through the artistic journey with you
  • a huge smile on your face because you’ve impressed not only others, but yourself with your hidden talents


Included in the $45 Ticket Price: 

  • 2.5 hr Painting Tutorial on a 16X20” canvas
  • All painting supplies needed for use in studio
  • 3 appetizers that will be perfectly paired to go with our exclusive french wines. Please email us for any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Please arrive 30 min prior to the event to check in, get comfortable and enjoy a drink.


Come and be inspired in our Art Bar.

We have a beautiful, fully stocked and licensed wine bar, a sweet lounge to hang out in before and after your paint party and our wines have been carefully chosen and curated to pique your interest. 


We also carry a selection of craft beers, juices and non-alcoholic beverages if wine is not your thing.


For more information: check out www.thestudiopaintbar.ca or contact us at info@thestudiopaintbar.ca