I Don't Think You're Ready for this Belly- a Belly Dance and Paint Party

I Don't Think You're Ready for this Belly- a Belly Dance and Paint Party

The Studio Paint Bar

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I do think you’re ready for this Belly…


Did you know the term “belly dancing” came from the French term “Dance du ventre” coined in the Victorian era for the dance genre. In Arabic, the dance is known as Raqs Sharqi ("Eastern Dance") or as Raqs Baladi in Egyptian Arabic ("Country Dance" or "Folk Dance") is now practiced now throughout the world in many beautiful forms- fused with ballet, indian dance and even incorporated in modern western dance.


Aside from it being mesmerizing to watch, it is extremely beneficial to the body. As an exercise, the dance form focuses on isolating the muscles in the torso and after dancing even just one lesson of bellydancing, you will feel like your entire spine has been massaged vertebrae by vertebrae. Any stiffness in the back feels loosened, you feel the ability to move a little better and more conscious of the muscles of your pelvic floor and stomach. Continuing to dance belly will bring about a demeanour to your walk of confidence, an air of sensuality and the knowledge that you can shake it to any beat- baladi, belly, rnb, hip hop, bollywood, salsa, anything!!


That is why we are inspired so much by the bellydancer. He or She is a person who dances no matter what shape the belly, what shape the body. And they look amazing doing it.


Wearing the most beautiful in costumes, embellished with jewels as if with light, they dance with the air of a knowledge of time as long as the dance form has been around.


Come and paint the beautiful bellydancer- make her your own with some gorgeous jewelled embellishments, and explore the dance form during the break in your painting session.


We will clear The Studio Dance floor and you will be treated to a short little show by expert instructor Jill Shireen of Habeeba’s Dance school and she will teach you some basic moves. Don’t worry if you left your hip scarves at home, we will have enough for everyone to wear during the session and some amazing beats and instagram pics to boot!



Class space is limited so please sign up to avoid missing this amazing experience!


Paint Party Details:

You will learn:

  • basic beginner’s instructions to using acrylic paints
  • how to mix colours
  • how to shade and light the human body and create curves and intonations in your belly dancer
  • how to paint party like you’ve never paint partied before
  • basic beginner belly dance moves during the break


You will walk away with:

  • a canvas full of your art to cherish and show off
  • new friends who have gone through the artistic journey with you
  • a huge smile on your face because you’ve impressed not only others, but yourself with your hidden talents


Included in the $55 Ticket Price:

  • 2 hr Painting Tutorial on a 16X20” canvas
  • All painting supplies needed for use in studio- including jewels and embellishments for the dancer's dress
  • Basic belly dance tutorial from an expert instructor
  • 3 appetizers that will be perfectly paired to go with our curated wine list. Please email us for any food allergies or dietary restrictions (info@thestudiopaintbar.ca) with at least 24 hours notice for us to be able to accomodate your menu choice!


Please arrive 30 min prior to the event to check in, get comfortable and enjoy a drink.


Come and be inspired in our Art Bar.

We have a beautiful, fully stocked and licensed wine bar, a sweet lounge to hang out in before and after your paint party and our wines have been carefully chosen and curated to pique your interest.


We also carry a selection of craft beers, juices and non-alcoholic beverages if wine is not your thing.




For more information: check out www.thestudiopaintbar.ca or contact us at info@thestudiopaintbar.ca or 647.403.0952