Heart to Art Journalling Workshop

Heart to Art Journalling Workshop

The Studio Paint Bar

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Heart to Art Journalling Workshop

Create a beautiful journal along with works of art to display on your wall

 An art journal is a way to get you thinking about expressing your feelings through colour, picture, doodles or whatever you feel.  It is an extremely therapeutic exercise that leaves you with a beautiful keepsake full of the emotions you capture at that time.

 You don’t have to know how to draw or have any artistic experience to create an art journal. You just have to reach into your heart and translate that on to a page. 

 Sometimes it is hard to get started and that is why we have the very talented Kim Foster Yardley with us to lead you through a series of workshops that will open your mind to your feelings and the natural artist that lies within you.  She will guide you through creating and supplementing your very own art journalling kit, teach you how to art journal, create some entries with you and help you translate those entries into beautiful works of art to create a gallery from your heart on to your wall.

 Come and join us for a series of 12 sessions- you do not have to come to all of them or you do not have to attend one to attend the other, but you can enjoy what will be guaranteed a very thought provoking, therapeutic and beautiful night of expression, emotion and art.

 Art Journalling Kits comprise of the following:

-Art Journal- can either be a canson drawing pad or a composition notebook with black pages- as long as it is big enough for you to draw in and use on a regular basis.

-Set of pastels

-set of charcoals

-Graphite drawing and pencil set


You can either purchase your own art journal kit to your liking or have the Studio shop and prepare a kit for you. Please see below.  If you decide to purchase your own kit, then please don't forget to bring it in!

 All canvasses and acrylics provided at the studio 

 Price: including appetizers: $55 Please email us for any food allergies or dietary restrictions.


Art Journal Kit: $30 - please email the Studio at info@thestudiopaintbar.ca if you would like us to shop your art journalling kit for you. We would ensure the best quality art materials to be packaged into a one stop kit for you to keep.

 Please arrive 30 min prior to the event to check in, get comfortable and order a drink.


Come and be inspired in our Art Bar.

We have a beautiful, fully stocked and licensed wine bar, a sweet lounge to hang out in before and after your paint party and our wines have been carefully chosen and curated to pique your interest. 


We also carry a selection of craft beers, juices and non-alcoholic beverages if wine is not your thing.


For more information: check out www.thestudiopaintbar.ca or contact us at info@thestudiopaintbar.ca or 647.403.0952