Family Nov.25.18 The Glowing Tree

Family Nov.25.18 The Glowing Tree

The Studio Paint Bar

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When we were running solely as a mobile paint party company, we loved doing events within the community and in our local schools. This tree was lovingly painted for a family paint party with our community school and was one of our most requested holiday paintings. It will always hold a special place in our hearts and what we loved the most about it was that people decorated the tree in their own way. Some added garlands, some kept it to only blue ornaments etc, and we realized that people were decorating them as they saw them in their hearts and their homes. The finishing touch of this painting is always a wash of sparkle to add some holiday magic to the canvas.

Paint Party Details:

You will learn:

  • basic beginner’s instructions to using acrylic paints
  • how to mix colours
  • how to paint party like you’ve never paint partied before

You will walk away with:

  • a canvas full of your art to cherish and show off
  • new friends who have gone through the artistic journey with you
  • a huge smile on your face because you’ve impressed not only others, but yourself with your hidden talents

Included in the $28 Ticket Price:

  • 1.5 hr Painting Tutorial on a 14X14” canvas
  • All painting supplies needed for use in studio
  • Mini Gourmet Cupcake and Juice. Please email us for any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Please arrive 30 min prior to the event to check in, get comfortable and enjoy a drink.

Come and be inspired in our Art Bar.

We have a beautiful, fully stocked and licensed wine bar, a sweet lounge to hang out in before and after your paint party and our wines have been carefully chosen and curated to pique your interest.

We also carry a selection of craft beers, juices and non-alcoholic beverages if wine is not your thing.

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