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10 Week Programme starting Monday Sep 30, 2019

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Cohort 1: Ages 8yr-10yr (5pm-630pm)

Cohort 2: Ages 11yrs and over (7pm-830pm)

The Studio's After School Programme guarantees your child walking away with 10 masterpieces that they will create all while learning a primer about the fundamentals of art history and technique. This class is designed not only to build up one's painting repertoire and confidence, but to teach about the subjects in classical art that have brought us here as a society today. 
Each week's lesson will include a history lesson, exposure to the specific era in art history through video, music and art and then the creation of a painting to take home that will represent what the student learned and will leave them with a gallery of classic art.
At the end of the course, we will have a free art show and gallery on Sunday Dec 15th for all the students to display what they have accomplished throughout the course.
Below are the subjects covered.
Every lesson includes all materials to create 1 art piece.
Classes scheduled 5:00pm-6:30pm
1-Prehistoric Picassos (Sep 30, 2019)
Learn about how primitive man developed the first forms of art and how they expressed themselves.
Primitive cave art piece on 16X20 Canvas
2-Marvelous Mesopotamia ( Oct 7, 2019) 
**We are closed Thanksgiving Monday**
Learn about the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia- now known as Iran.  Explore the colours and motifs of Mesopotamian art and mosaics and learn to understand the history behind the imagery.
Mosaic Painting on a 14X14 Canvas
3- Elegant Egypt (Oct 21, 2019)
The Great Pyramids at Giza- How can one not marvel at this man-made feat? Learn what these pyramids represented to the people of Egypt. Why were they so incredibly engineered? What does the shape of a pyramid mean?
Painting on a 16X20 Canvas
4- Greatness in Greece (Oct 28, 2019)
Explore the myths and the motifs that carried history on the famous urns and art of Ancient Greece. Who was Zeuss? Why was he important? Why was Athens different than Sparta? All this and more
Painting on a 16X20 Canvas
5- Regal Romans (Nov 4, 2019)
The Colosseum: What did this place mean to the Romans? Why was it such an important part of society? What did the Romans try to express through their architecture?
Painting on a 16X20 canvas
6- Medieval Magic (Nov 11, 2019)
Medieval Art was known for its depiction of life within very strict guidelines. Luxurious imagery was placed into strict guidlines- even how you drew a person had to follow rules.  Life was rarely depicted how it really was- there was very little to be shown about REAL life- but more about royals, conquests, nobility and important events.
Painting on a 16X20 canvas
7- Go Gothic (Nov 18, 2019)
Perhaps the most amazing feature of Gothic architecture- aside from its sheer scale and ornamentation, is the stained glass works that depicted stories.  We will explore the art of stained glass and create something very similar with materials we have on hand.
Stained glass on plastic canvas with acrylic markers.
8- Renegade Renaissance (Nov 25, 2019)
The Renaissance Era was one of the most important movements in art and architecture that the world had ever scene.  A time when philosophy met change in art- you can see this in the departure from the rigidity of the Medieval and Gothic periods to the embracing of life's curves, swerves, and more in Renaissance art.  A time when the centre of the world was brought into question, and a re-birth of the beauty brought about in respecting the human form in art from Classical Greek Art and architecture,
Painting on a: 16X20 Canvas
9- Don't fix it- if it isn't Baroque! (Dec 2, 2019)
Meninas de Velazquez- Baroque is a further departure from all things classical- starting to show the reals and the feels of life as it shows that everything isn't perfect- and that art is a great way to tell stories. Stories of grandeur and light juxtaposed by dark- the world of Baroque is so interesting as it was a time for real change.  This painting by Velazquez is chosen to explore the history of the era through the story that this painting tells. 
Materials: canvas and paint;
10- Impressionism (Dec 9, 2019)
The Impressionists changed the world of art- and possibly catapulted artists into abstract art and seeing objects in the world from different view points. Impressionists are loose with technique- they capture light in their art, make impressions of subjects in beautiful shades, show real life in different ways than ever before and study subjects and situations in a way that seems the most unfettered in all of history.  This class will be so fun to let loose and embrace this style after going through the rigorous art and expression of the previous eras in history.Painting on a 16X20 canvas


11 - Optional Art Show (Dec 15, 2019)
Free art show and gallery on Sunday Dec 15th from 2pm-5pm for all the students to display some of their masterpieces developed throughout the course. Friends and Family are welcome to attend! 


Please note: 

- Cohorts with fewer than 5 students will either be combined or cancelled. We will notify you a week before the start date to let you know the status of the schedule and offer refund options if necessary.

- This is not a drop off activity- parents are required to wait in the lounge during the class. Enjoy some creative time by picking up some complimentary colouring sheets or a discounted paint session to while the time away!

- Classes must be paid in full to save a spot 

- We unfortunately cannot offer any refunds or make-up classes